Dr Russell Binions - (Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow)

Dr Russell Binions

Address: Room 124b, Department of Chemistry, UCL
Phone No: +44 (0)20 7679 1460
Extension: 21460
Photo of Russell Binions

Research areas of interest include:

  • Chemical Vapour Deposition
  • Solid State Metal Oxide Gas Sensors
  • History and Philosophy of Science 

A full list of publications can be found here

Selected Publications

  1. R. Binions, C.S. Blackman, T.D. Manning, C. Piccirillo, I.P. ParkinThermochromic Coatings for Intelligent Architectural Glazing.Journal of Nano Research, (2008), 2, 1-20.
  2. R.Binions, I.P. Parkin, C. Piccirillo, R. G. PalgraveHybrid Aerosol Assisted and Atmospheric Pressure CVD of Gold-Doped Vanadium Dioxide.Chemical Vapor Deposition, (2008), 1-2, 33-39.
  3. R. Binions, C. Piccirillo, G. Hyett, I.P. ParkinDoped and un-doped vanadium dioxide thin films prepared by atmospheric pressure and aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition from vanadyl acetylacetonate and tungsten hexachloride: a thickness and micro-structural study.Journal of Materials Chemistry (2007), 17, 4652-4660.
  4. R. Binions, H. Davis, A Afonja, S. Dungey, D.W. Lewis, D.E. Williams, I.P. Parkin.Zeolite Modified Gas SensorsElectrochemical Society Transactions, (2008), 16(11), 275–286.
  5. R. Binions, I.P. ParkinA Comparison of the gas sensing properties of solid state metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors produced by atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition and screen printing.Measurement Science and Technology, 2007, 18, 190-200.