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Prof Fuller to give public lecture in Guangdong Museum

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Prof Dorian Fuller, Executive Director (UK) of the International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology, is invited to give a public lecture at Guangdong Provincial Museum, China on July 4 2013. The lecture is entitled "First Farming from China to Southeast Asia: Guangdong's place in the Origins of Agriculture", as a part of result of Prof Fuller's outstanding Early Rice Project. Hopefully, a series of archaeobotanical collaborations on the Early Rice will be launched between China and UCL in the name of the ICCHA. 

UCL MRes in Anthropology –  Studentship in Adaptable Suburbs

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Logo Adaptable Suburbs

Applications are invited for a 1 year EPSRC/ESRC funded MRes studentship available for UK/EU candidates starting on the UCL MRes in Anthropology in September 2013.

Meg Russell gives evidence to the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee

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Meg evidence at PCRC - 270613

Meg Russell gave evidence today at a meeting of the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee on the next steps to be taken in reforming the House of Lords. You can watch the evidence here and read the transcript here. Meg's written evidence to the committee can be read here.

Job Vacancy: Research Assistant (EUROFARM Project)

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European Research Council (ERC) logo

The Institute of Archaeology currently has a vacancy for a Research Assistant on the ERC-funded EUROFARM Project (Ref.:1345228). The deadline for applications is 10 July 2013.

David Wengrow gives prestigious Haecker Lectures

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David Wengrow

David Wengrow was recently invited to give the prestigious Annual Haecker Lectures at the University of Heidelberg.

Call for papers - 21st Century Body Reloaded

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21st Century Body Reloaded

Symposium, 7-8th November 2013, London

Exciting developments in the life sciences and their application in biotechnology are helping to provide pioneering cures and therapies for inherited and degenerative diseases. Consider genomics and genetic based therapies, neuroscience and neuropharmacology, ICT implants and prosthetics, nanomedicine and the required socio-cultural accommodations to ageing and you will see how the way in which we perceive ourselves and those around us is slowly being recast.  As our knowledge and its application continues to grow and expand, the range, scope and magnitude of what we are able to achieve seems to be limitless.

Opportunities for Brazilian students to study at UCL

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UCL Portico

Venham para Londres estudar no Departamento de Antropologia na UCL- estamos prontos para receber vocês aqui!!

Meg Russell & Tony Wright give evidence to Procedure Committee about Public Bill Committees

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Evidence on Commons legislative committees - resized

Within days of publication of our report Fitting the Bill: Bringing Commons Legislation Committees into Line with Best Practice, the House of Commons Procedure Committee announced a new inquiry into the constitution and membership of public bill committees. See here.

The first witnesses were the Unit's Meg Russell (lead author of the report), along with Professor Tony Wright (also of the School of Public Policy, UCL, and a former MP and chair of the Reform of the House of Commons committee 2009-10). The session made extensive reference to the report and its recommendations, discussing issues such as how members of public bill committees are chosen (and suggestions that the Committee of Selection might be reformed, and/or its proposals be put to the chamber for approval), and the merits of larger-scale reform such as moving towards permanent, specialist legislation committees of the kind that exist in many other parliaments.

The session can be watched here

Institute staff nominated for Student Choice Teaching Awards

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Student Choice Teaching Awards logo

A bumper number of Institute staff have been nominated for Student Choice Teaching Awards reflecting the Institute's commitment to teaching excellence and student support.  

Annual UCLU Student Choice Teaching Awards

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We have 4 nominees:

Outstanding Teaching
  • Prof Wendy Carlin
  • Dan Rogger (PGTA)
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