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Charlie, Secular Culture and Practical Wisdom

Publication date:

Huffington Post

According to many, the brutal attack on Charlie Hebdo has been an aggression against the secular understood as the realm where freedom of speech is not limited by religious or ideological constraints. In painting this picture, commentators have evoked the Age of Reason. In a society based on the values of the Enlightenment, it has been argued, humor should be un-restrained. But, is this the case? Is the secular really a neutral sphere? And, should Voltairean reason be the only guideline for satire in the West? A dose of Anthropological sensibility can help us to contextualise and to answer these questions.

Henry Cleere awarded prestigious Gazzola Prize

Publication date:

Institute Honorary Professor, Henry Cleere

Congratulations to Henry Cleere (Honorary Visiting Professor at the Institute), who was recently awarded the Gazzola Prize at ICOMOS' General Assembly in Florence.

UCL-IA PhD student appointed EHS ambassador at UCL

Publication date:

UCL-IA is pleased to announce that PhD student James Hillyer has just been appointed the Economic History Society’s Student Ambassador at UCL. The Economic History Society (EHS) exists to support research and teaching in economic and social history, broadly defined, and is one of the premier communities of scholars in these and related fields. James’s role as EHS Student Ambassador is to help facilitate communication between the Economic History Society and UCL students who have an interest in the field, and to help connect them to funds and opportunities that the Society makes available to students. Congratulations!

Humans responsible for extinction of Ice Age mammals

Publication date:

Locations of the examined Syrian archaeological sites where silicious scoria were found

Research involving the Institute's Dorian Fuller appears to suggest that human intervention contributed to the extinction of Ice Age mammals.

Empowering Society with GNH - Gross National Happiness in Practice

Publication date:

Gross National Happiness

Join us for a special seminar by Dr Saamdu Chetri (Executive Director, Gross National Happiness Centre, Bhutan).

Call For Papers. The War of Worlds: Self and Society in Social Movements

Publication date:


This conference will be held on the 4th and 5th of June 2015, in the Department of Anthropology at UCL.

H. G. Wells’ science-fiction classic, The War of the Worlds, a parable of nineteenth-century British imperialism, imagined southern England under deadly and devastating attack from Mars: a threat personified entirely by a technologically superior and brutal Martian ‘Other’. This two-day conference at UCL, The War of Worlds, drops the definite article to explore relations of domination and resistance in the twenty-first century. Today transnational corporate cartels have brought formerly imperial relations of domination ‘home’ to the West: as their sovereign populations are economically abandoned, digitally surveilled, and opposition suppressed through an increasingly militarized police. As a result we might begin to think globally about the way perceived threats to architectures of domination once personified by the ‘Other’, have turned to new threats posed by what Povinelli terms the ‘otherwise’: alternative ways of being alive in the same territories which propose that – in the words of the World Social Forum – ‘another world is possible’.

PhD studentship available: Assembling alternative futures for heritage

Publication date:


A PhD studentship (Ref: 1449099) is available at the Institute from October 2015 as part of a large AHRC-funded research project. The deadline for applications is 23 February.

Launch of volume on Archaeology and Economic Development

Publication date:

Launch of volume on Archaeology and Economic Development

A special issue of the journal Public Archaeology concerned with Archaeology and Economic Development was launched at the Institute on 13 January. 

Call for papers: Chile and the Inter-american Human Rights System

Publication date:

This one-day conference seeks to cater to an international community of human rights practitioners and researchers of the Americas from across the humanities and the social sciences by focusing on an interdisciplinary and detailed examination the most recent cases decided by the Inter American Human Rights System against the Chilean state. Deadline of submission: March 15, 2015

Administrating Art, History, and Science in the Mongol Empire: Rashid al-Din and Bolad Chengxiang

Publication date:


A seminar presented by Vivienne Lo (UCL). Research collaboration: Wang Yidan 王一丹 (Peking University) and Persis Berlekamp (University of Chicago). Thursday 5 February, 5.30pm. SAS room 243, 2nd floor, South Block, Senate House.

Inaugural Conference: Anthropological Visions of Sustainable Futures

Publication date:


The inaugural CAOS (Centre for the Anthropology of Sustainability) conference will be held at UCL between 12th to14th February 2015.

Research volunteer applications for spring are now open

Publication date:

Deadline: 17 Feb 2014

As a research volunteer at the Constitution Unit is an ideal way for recent graduates to gain experience of work in a think tank which is also an academic research centre, and to do research which is linked to policy. Past research volunteers have included students in their holidays, postgraduates thinking about continuing their studies to Masters or PhD level, and civil and public servants who work for us part-time or on secondment.

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