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MORPH2016: Morphometric Applications in Archaeology and Anthropology

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MORPH 2016: Morphometric Applications in Archaeology and Anthropology

MORPH2016: Morphometric Applications in Archaeology and Anthropology will be held at the UCL Institute of Archaeology on 26 May for which a call for papers has been announced.

Summer volunteering placements in rural China

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Dream Corps picture

with NGO Dream Corps. Application deadline: 29 February 2016.

New Seminar Series at UCL Americas: Latin American Political Economy, starting February 24 2016

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UCL Institute of the Americas

UCL Institute of the Americas is delighted to announce the start of our Latin American Political Economy Seminar Series (LAPE). This is a monthly academic forum sponsored by the UCL-Institute of the Americas to discuss new research on Latin American political economy and to promote a constructive and dynamic exchange of ideas, as well as to build an international network of scholars researching the economic and political development of Latin American countries. We invite scholars and researchers from the UK and abroad to present their on-going projects. The convenor of the series is Dr Néstor Castañeda. Read more about the LAPE Seminar Series here.

At the front of erosion: landscape and archaeology on Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

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The Poike peninsula comprises an ancient shield volcano on the east end of Rapa Nui. The three domes on the left side of the hill are trachyte, a stone which on Rapa Nui only occurs on Poike, and is used for the facings of ceremonial monuments (Fig. 5) and for moai (statues)

A UCL team has just returned from Rapa Nui where they have been investigating the impact of severe erosion on the island's heritage and natural environment.

Museum Studies students organise Anti-Valentine Fright Night

Publication date:

Anti-Valentine Fright Night

UCL Museum Studies students are organising a special late event at the Jewish Museum, London on 11 February.

Gender equality among Stonehenge burials

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Stonehenge (Courtesy of Adam Stanford © Aerial-Cam Ltd)

A new study, involving Institute research student Christie Willis, has found that around half of the prehistoric bones at Stonehenge belonged to women.

Research Assistant (As and When)

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As/When (Part Time)

Salary (inclusive of London allowance)

UCL Institute of Archaeology & Beta Analytic Radiocarbon Draw for the Archaeology of the Americas

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Beta Analytic Inc. logo

Congratulations to Bruna Rocha who is the winner of the inaugural UCL Institute of Archaeology & Beta Analytic Radiocarbon Draw for the Archaeology of the Americas.

New Chinese Film + Director's Q&A

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Factory Boss barbies

Daytime screening and discussion of Factory Boss 打工老板 (2014) with director Zhang Wei 张唯 and Chinese film specialist Chris Berry (KCL), Thursday 25 February, 9.30–13.00.

Early Agriculture kept Earth warm

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Wet rice cultivation, Orissa

Collaborative research, involving the Institute's Dorian Fuller, suggests that humans had a significant influence on Earth's pre-industrial climate.

Celebratory event at House of Lords for Jane Hubert

Publication date:

Beverley Butler, Jane Hubert and Dean Sully (January 2016)

A celebratory tea was held for Jane Hubert (Honorary Senior Research Associate) at the House of Lords on 22 January to mark her academic achievements in social anthropology and archaeology.

Di Lu Wins IASTAM Junior Scholar Essay Prize

Publication date:

We are delighted and proud to announce that current CCHH PhD student Di Lu 蘆笛 has been honoured with the IASTAM Charles Leslie Junior Scholar Essay Award for his outstanding paper 'Transnational Circulation of the Knowledge of the Caterpillar Fungus to Early 20th Century'.

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