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Press Release: Devolution and Future of the Union: the Challenge for the new Parliament

Publication date:

A new report by the Constitution Unit

On the eve of the election the Constitution Unit publishes today a new report on Devolution and the Future of the Union. Its analysis will survive well into the new Parliament, whoever forms the next government. The report explores future challenges to the Union, with all parties committed to further devolution, a resurgent SNP, and the Conservative promise of English votes for English laws. These issues will all feature in the post-election negotiations between the parties, with growing tensions between England and Scotland, and a risk that hasty deals could end up undermining the Union.

London Anthropology Day 2015

Publication date:

LAD 2015

UCL is taking part in London Anthropology Day 2015 – a free university taster day for Year 12, 13 and FE students, teachers, careers advisors and parents.

Lisa Tickner 'Antonioni's Blow Up (1966) What the Photographer Never Saw'. Thursday 7 May 2015

Publication date:

Part of our series of Reserch Seminars

Job Vacancy: Leverhulme Trust-funded Research Associate

Publication date:

mathematical modelling

The Institute of Archaeology currently has a vacancy for a Research Associate (Ref.: 1460758). The deadline for applications is 31 May 2015.

Museums at the Crossroads

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Dr Haidy Geismar will give a public lecture on 17th May at "Museums at the Crossroads: Local Encounters, Global Knowledge," a new international summer institute focused on museums and the changing world.

Success of 'Freedom of Expression...in Mexico...Carmen Aristegui' discussion at UCL-IA

Publication date:

Freedom of expression, power and the media in Mexico

On April 21, UCL Institute of the Americas hosted, to a full house, a seminar and discussion on the topics of freedom of expression, power and the media in Mexico. Papers were presented by Ella McPherson (Cambridge) and Jose Antonio Brambila (Sheffield). The presentations and the ensuing discussion focused on the recent dismissal of famous journalist and analyst Carmen Aristegui on grounds of loss of confidence, but perceived to be a result of pressure from the Mexican government after Aristegui's team of journalists uncovered the Mexican first lady's acquisition, under unclear circumstances, of a multi-million mansion. News of this UCL-IA event reached the journalist's popular internet news channel(Spanish). A podcast of the presentations (English) is available here.

Nosce te ipsum / Know Thyself conference, Saturday 2 May 2015

Publication date:

A Conference on Early Modern Images, Department of History of Art, UCL

For full details Nosce te ipsum / Know Thyself

Figuring out the Future Emerging subjects and the flux of the economic present

Publication date:

Emerging subjects workshop

Workshop, 9th June 2015
Daryll Forde Seminar Room, UCL Anthropology, 14 Taviton Street, London, WC1H 0BW

Press Release: Senior academic figures specify standards for a post-election constitutional convention

Publication date:

Today a group of senior academics publish a statement setting out the minimum standards for a post-election constitutional convention. Several of the political parties are now committed to establishing such a body, to discuss the constitutional options for the UK following the Scottish referendum. The Labour Party manifesto promises 'a people-led Constitutional Convention’, the Liberal Democrat manifesto 'a UK Constitutional Convention’ and the Greens' manifesto 'a Constitutional Convention led by citizens’. The other parties either support or are prepared to contemplate establishment of such a body. In the expectation that this topic could form part of interparty negotiations following the election, the day's document sets out eight basic standards that a constitutional convention should meet.

View from the trenches: Bosnia & Herzegovina (2015)

Publication date:

Bosnia & Herzegovina fieldwork (2015)

Marc Vander Linden, Jane Gaastra and students Ivana Jovanović, Anne de Vareilles and Leon Veal have recently returned from the 2015 field season in northern Bosnia&Herzegovina, led by the EUROFARM project.

Institute student wins Bernd Breuckmann award

Publication date:

Institute student Emma Payne receiving the Bernd Breuckmann award for 2014

Institute student Emma Payne has won the Bernd Breuckmann Award for 2014 which supports 3D scanning projects in the Arts and Cultural Heritage.

Call for Chinese-speaking choral singers!

Publication date:

London Chinese Philharmonic Choir 伦敦华人爱乐合唱团 (LCPC) is looking for additional singers to perform the Yellow River Cantata 黄河大合唱 in September/October.

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