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Sense and Sensation Seminar: Sense and Sensuality in Ancient China

Publication date:

Thursday 19 January 2017, 4pm.
IAS Common Ground (Ground Floor, South Wing, Wilkins Building
).  Speaker: Vivienne Lo, UCL CCHH.

Chinese film evening, 17/01/2017:  Inner Senses (Yidu kongjian 异度空间), dir. Law Chi-leung (Luo Zhiliang) 罗志良, 2002.

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Inner Senses 1

A Hong Kong psychological horror movie starring Leslie Cheung (Zhang Guorong 张国荣), exploring themes of hallucination, clinical depression, psychological trauma and suicide. 

Job Vacancy: Research Associate, AHRC Heritage Priority Area

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The Institute of Archaeology currently has a vacancy for a Research Associate (Ref.: 1620928). The deadline for applications is 10 February 2017.

Does it pay to be a public-sector employee?

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Direct wage comparisons show that public-sector 
employees earn around 15% more than private-sector employees. But should these differences be interpreted as a “public-sector premium”?  Professor Fabien Postel-Vinay explores this question in an article for IZA World of Labor.  

Exhibition project at Alesia MuseoParc: Portraits of Archaeologists

Publication date:

Pioneers of Archaeology exhibition at Alesia MuseoParc (2016)

Mike Parker Pearson has been selected as one of 20 archaeologists from around the world to be honoured in a 2017 exhibition at Alesia MuseoParc.

Emily Morris Cuba Article Published by 'Foreign Affairs'

Publication date:

Dr Emily Morris

'Cuba's Road Ahead' is the title of the article written by Dr Emily Morris (UCL Americas Honorary Research Fellow, and Country Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank) recently published by 'Foreign Affairs'. Please follow this link to read the full article. 

Mali's Looted Treasures

Publication date:

Recent Looting at the 1st millennium AD cemetery site of Bidi, near Douentza, Mali

Kevin MacDonald was interviewed recently on the BBC World Service's Newshour programme about Mali's Looted Treasures.

Chinese film evening, 10/01/2017:  Mother (Mama 妈妈), dir. Zhang Yuan 张元, 1990.

Publication date:


The film that inaugurated the 'Sixth Generation' of Chinese cinema.

Postgraduate student Josh Hollands wins SLSA Robert H. Zieger Prize

Publication date:

Joshua Hollands

Josh Hollands, Postgraduate research student at the UCL Institute of the Americas, has won the Southern Labor Studies Association’s Robert Zieger Award.

Sir Anthony Atkinson (1944 - 2017)

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Sir Anthony Atkinson

Sir Tony Atkinson, professor and head of the Department of Political Economy from 1976-9, died aged 72 on 1 January 2017. He will be remembered throughout the economics profession for the clarity and insight of his work on the principles and design of public policy and the importance of his empirical investigations into inequality and poverty. 

Institute of Archaeology 80 Years | 1937-2017

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Institute of Archaeology 80th Anniversary logo

The Institute of Archaeology will celebrate its 80th Anniversary in 2017.

The origin of the Institute of Archaeology goes back to Mortimer Wheeler’s vision of creating a centre for archaeological training in Britain, which he conceived in the 1920s. Thanks to his efforts and those of his wife, Tessa Verney Wheeler, his ambitions were realised when the Institute was officially opened in 1937, with Mortimer Wheeler as its first director. Among its early members of staff were some of the founding ancestors of archaeology in Britain.

Building a sustainable campus award

Publication date:

UCL Sustainability Achievement Award for 2015-16 for Sandra Bond

Sandra Bond has been awarded a UCL Sustainability Achievement Award for 2015-16 for her work in building a sustainable campus.

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