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Crowd-sourcing archaeology

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Early Bronze Age Axe hoard discovered in the late 19th century from the Folkton barrow in North Yorkshire (Copyright Trustees of the British Museum)

Volunteers from around the world have helped to make ancient bronze collections from the British Museum available online as part of the MicroPasts project.

Job Vacancy: Teaching Fellow in African Archaeology

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Sumana Kone and Kevin MacDonald presenting fundings from 2010 excavations to schools of Konodimini (Photo: Paul Burtenshaw)

The Institute of Archaeology currently has a vacancy for a Teaching Fellow in African Archaeology (Ref.:1430887). The deadline for applications is 1 September 2014.

Deadline for Master's Degrees Extended

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The deadline to apply for our Master’s degrees has been extended to 31st August 2014. Details on our programmes and how to apply can be found here.

Framing Cosmologies: The Anthropology of Worlds

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Framing cosmologies

NOW OUT: FRAMING COSMOLOGIES: THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF WORLDS, edited by Allen Abramson and Martin Holbraad.

'Dig Whitehawk' Site Open Day

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A reconstruction by Ian Dennis of the Whitehawk causewayed enclosure c. 3,600 cal BC (reproduced from Whittle, Healy and Bayliss 2011; fig. 1.3)

The Whitehawk Camp Community Archaeology Project will hold an Open Day at the site on Whitehawk Hill, near Brighton, on 23 August.

View from the trenches: Romania (2014)

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Mariana Ribas Albuquerque recording the location of finds with the totalstation

Institute staff and students have recently completed another season of excavation in Tăşnad, Northwest Romania. 

Community Archaeology in London

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Community Archaeology Project at Headstone Manor, Harrow

Gabriel Moshenska and Charlotte Frearson have been working with the Museum of London this summer on a community archaeology project in Harrow, North London.

Professor Robert Hazell on BBC2's 'Scotland Votes: What's at Stake for the UK' on 12 Aug 2014

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R Hazell - Scotland Votes: What's at stake for the  UK - 12 Aug 14

Professor Robert Hazell explains the impact Scottish independence could have on the 2015 General Election and the next Government on BBC2's Scotland Votes: What's at Stake for the UK? Andrew Neil explores what an independent Scotland would mean for Wales, England and Northern Ireland and the changes that may lie ahead whether the vote is yes or no.

Mary Douglas Memorial Lecture 2014

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Mary Douglas

We are pleased to announce the Inaugural Mary Douglas Memorial Lecture to be held at Harrie Massie Lecture Theatre, UCL on Thursday 23 October 2014 at 6pm.

Job Vacancy: Research Assistant

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Zooarchaeological material

The Institute of Archaeology currently has a vacancy for a Research Assistant (part-time, Ref.: 1429895). The deadline for applications is 22 August 2014. 

Dr Meg Russell on BBC Westminster Hour discussing the unsustainable House of Lords appointments

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Dr Meg Russell was on the BBC Westminster Hour programme on Sunday 27 July  discussing unsustainable House of Lords appointments and the need for regulation. Dr Russell explains the most urgent Lords reform is the need to regulate unsustainable level of PM's appointments. Listen to the show on BBC website.

Dr Meg Russell was also quoted in The Times (24/07/2014) on the row over appointment of new peers.

Meg Russell says “The size of the Lords grew by around 70 between 1999 and 2010 under Blair and Brown, and if 20 peers are indeed to be appointed, it will have grown by around 120 more under Cameron. This is plainly completely unsustainable, and there is an urgent need to regulate the prime minister’s appointment power.”

“The Lords is now a serious legislative institution, with a major impact on policy. Particularly given the growing size of the chamber, dissolution and resignation honours lists are outdated indulgences that we can no longer afford,”

“The current appointments system is completely unsustainable, and now urgently needs independent regulation, including a transparent formula for allocating seats between the parties and an agreed maximum size. That the prime minister continues to decide the size and party balance of one chamber of parliament is no longer defensible.”

In her Westminster Hour interview Meg Russell expanded on these themes, stating:

”I think we really have to face up seriously now to the need to regulate prime ministerial appointments to the House of Lords. The House of Lords matters more to British politics than it has done for a long time... We have to introduce some kind of regulation system that first of all says what the maximum size of the chamber is (it’s very unusual to have a parliament with no maximum size), and then we need an agreed formula for appointments so that there’s some fair distribution of appointments between the parties, and the party leaders are told how many appointments they can have within the quota. I think we need to give that over to the House of Lords Appointments Commission or some other independent body that will, in an objective independent way, regulate the system.”

A full transcript of the interview is available here.

Dorian Fuller on BBC Radio 4

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Dorian Fuller collecting oryza nivara in Orissa

Dorian Fuller was interviewed recently for the new BBC Radio 4 programme 'Plants: From Roots to Riches'.

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