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The Archaeological & Social History of a Gentry House: Boynton Hall, England

Start: Dec 1, 2014 4:00:00 PM

Boynton Hall, Yorkshire
Tim Schadla-Hall will give the penultimate seminar in the Term I Institute of Archaeology Research Seminar series highlighting current research at the Institute on 1 December.

Christian and Jewish Tombstones from Ancient Zoara/Zoora

Start: Dec 1, 2014 6:00:00 PM

Section of the Madaba map mosaic (6th cent. CE), showing the site of Zoara/Zoora on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea
The Institute of Archaeology and Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society will jointly host a lecture by Ilaria Bultrighini (UCL) at the Institute on 1 December.

Accordia Anniversary Lecture: Frattesina: an entrepôt in the prehistoric Mediterranean world

Start: Dec 2, 2014 5:30:00 PM

Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri (University of the Salento) will give the third Accordia Lecture of the 2014-15 series at Senate House on 2 December.

Seminar: Haunted by Empire: William Seward and Narratives of American Imperialism

Start: Dec 4, 2014 5:30:00 PM
End: Dec 4, 2014 7:30:00 PM

Dr David Sim (UCL-History) -William Seward, the US Secretary of State 1861-1869, is best remembered today for his leading role in the purchase of Alaska from Russia, a transaction much criticized at the time as a waste of public money for a frozen territory but today regarded as one of the most astute real estate deals in American history. Seward's significance extended far beyond that land purchase, however. In a political career spanning the 1840s through the 1860s, he was arguably the central figure in the development of America's nineteenth century empire in both its territorial and commercial manifestations.

CAA Seminar: Impact: making a difference

Start: Dec 5, 2014 5:30:00 PM

CAA Seminar: Impact: making a difference
The fourth seminar in the new Centre for Applied Archaeology (CAA) Seminar Series on 'The value of commercial archaeology' will take place at the Institute on 5 December.

South American Archaeology Seminar

Start: Dec 6, 2014 10:00:00 AM
End: Dec 6, 2014 5:00:00 PM

Moche pots in the Cassinelli Museum (Trujillo, Peru) depicting “sapo botánico” (Image courtesy of L.S. Owens)
The South American Archaeology Seminar, co-sponsored by the Institute for Latin American Studies, University of London and the Institute of Archaeology, will be held on 6 December.

Debating civilisation: perspectives from archaeology

Start: Dec 8, 2014 4:00:00 PM

Debating civilisation
Mike Rowlands, Andrew Bevan, Dorian Fuller & David Wengrow will give the final seminar in the Term I Institute of Archaeology Research Seminar series highlighting current research on 8 December.

Seminar: The Battle of London: Trudeau, Thatcher and the Fight for Canada’s Constitution, 1980-82

Start: Dec 8, 2014 6:00:00 PM
End: Dec 8, 2014 7:30:00 PM

The Battle of London by F Bastien
Dr Frédéric Bastien (Dawson College, Montreal) - After the narrow defeat of the Quebec referendum in 1980, Pierre Elliott Trudeau turned his sights on repatriating the Constitution in an effort to make Canada fully independent from Britain. This involved converting the British North America Act of 1867 into a Canadian Constitution and transferring sovereignty from London to Ottawa. But René Lévesque, the Premier of Quebec, thought that the prerogatives of the province would be threatened if the Constitution was repatriated and he mounted a charm offensive to influence key British MPs against the change. Canada's native leaders also entered the fray, concerned that the rights of the indigenous peoples of Canada would be threatened. Meanwhile, the British Labour Party saw an opportunity to embarrass Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. As a result, the maverick Trudeau and the uncompromising Thatcher entered into an unlikely marriage of convenience in order to repatriate the Canadian Constitution.

IHR Latin American History Seminar Series: A Tale of Country and City: Normalistas and the Struggle for Rural Education in Twentieth-Century Mexico

Start: Dec 9, 2014 5:30:00 PM
End: Dec 9, 2014 7:00:00 PM

Tanalis Padilla (Dartmouth) - The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) and UCL-Institute of the Americas would like to invite you to attend this event, part of the IHR's Latin American History Series. For further information, registration and queries, please contact the IHR directly.

Bayvil: a Welsh assembly site in its broader context

Start: Dec 9, 2014 6:00:00 PM

The third seminar in the 2014-15 Institute of Archaeology/British Museum Medieval Seminar Series will be given by Rhiannon Comeau (UCL) on 9 December.
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