SCAN2401 - Viking-age Scandinavia

Value: 1.0 course unit
Dr Haki Antonsson
Teaching structure: The module will be taught through a combination of lectures and seminars.
Assessment: one unseen three-hour written examination (50%); and two 2,500 word essays (50%).

Module Description:

The module will examine society and culture in Scandinavia in the period ca. 800-1100. Geographically the module will encompass Sweden, Denmark Norway, and the Norse colonies in the North Atlantic (the Faroes, Iceland, and Greenland). In the case of Iceland the time-span will extend to the end of the Commonwealth period (ca. 1262). The principal themes that the module will cover include: the causes of the Viking Age; the development and emergence of the three Scandinavian kingdoms; the nature of the pre-Christian religion; the conversion to Christianity; the development of Church organisation; relation with Europe, in particular the Insular world and the beginning of written culture. Particular emphasis will be placed on presenting and analysing the various source-categories relevant to Viking-Age Scandinavia. These include, for example, runic inscriptions, place-names, archaeological evidence and saga literature.