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GERM2104 - Politics, Culture and Society in Germany since 1945

Value: 0.5 course units
Gaelle Fisher
one take-home exam Term III (100%).

Module Description:

This module covers German history from the end of the Third Reich to the present day. Issues to be discussed include the period of occupation and the creation of the two Germanies, the nature of the GDR dictatorship and of West German parliamentary democracy, the ‘miracle years’ of the FRG and social change under ‘actually existing socialism’, popular and high culture in both German states, as well as German-German relations and the unification process. How did the people in East and West cope with national division and the Nazi past? To what extent did the FRG and GDR diverge in political, socio-economic and cultural regard, and how united is the new Germany twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Preparatory Reading and Set Texts:

  • M. Dennis, The Rise and Fall of the GDR 1945-1990 (2000)
  • M. Fulbrook, Interpretations of the Two Germanies 1945-1990, 2nd ed. (2000)
  • M. Fulbrook, The People’s State: East German Society from Hitler to Honecker (2005)
  • M. Fulbrook, A History of Germany 1918-2008: The Divided Nation, 3rd ed. (2009)
  • W. Gellner and J.D. Robertson (eds.), The Berlin Republic: German Unification and a Decade of Changes (2003)
  • L. Kettenacker, Germany since 1945 (1997)
  • A.J. Nicholls, The Bonn Republic: West German Democracy 1945-1990 (1997)
  • P. O’Dochartaigh, Germany since 1945 (2004)
  • P. Pulzer, German Politics 1945-1995 (1995)
  • C. Ross, The East German Dictatorship: Problems and Perspectives in the Interpretation of the GDR (2002)
  • J. Sperling (ed.), Germany at Fifty-Five: Berlin ist nicht Bonn? (2004)