Latin American Studies BA

Please note: this programme has been discontinued and replaced by the Spanish & Latin American Studies BA.

Year One

Students must take 4.0 cu each year.

Compulsory Modules (3.0cu)

  • SPAN1001 Spanish Language 1 (1.0cu)
  • SPAN1210 Tradition and Modernity: Spanish Culture 1500 to the present (1.0cu)
  • SPAN1220 Introduction to Modern Latin American Literature and Culture (1.0cu)

Optional Modules (1.0cu)

Two ELCS6* intermediate-level modules (1.0cu)

Year Two

Compulsory Modules (3.0cu)

  • SPAN2001 Spanish Language 2 (1.0cu)
  • SPAN2010 Beginners Portuguese (1.0cu)
  • HIST**** Latin American course (1.0cu)

(2011-12 HIST2316 Social History of Latin America)
(2012-13 HIST6311 History and Politics of Latin America c1930 to the present)

Optional Modules (1.0cu)

either 1.0cu of SPAN2* optional modules
one 0.5cu SPAN2* optional module plus one ELCS6* intermediate-level module (0.5cu)

Year Three (Year Abroad)

Final Year

Compulsory Modules (1.0cu)

  • SPAN4001 Spanish Language 3 (1.0cu)

Optional Modules (3.0cu)

A total of 3.0cu from SPAN4* optional modules
A total of 2.5cu from SPAN4* optional modules plus one 0.5cu ELCS4* advanced-level module.