SEEF2003 - Finland: Environment, Society and Culture

Value: 1.0 course unit
Dr Titus Hjelm
Teaching structure:
one three-hour unseen examination (100%). Two (non-assessed) practice essays and/or presentations, submitted at the end of autumn and spring terms, are a prerequisite for the examination.

Module Description:

This module seeks to provide a broad introduction to a small nation-state situated on the northern periphery of the continent of Europe.  The central theme of the module will be the question of national identity: how has it been achieved, and in what conditions and circumstances? Answers will be sought by studying how the Finns live, what has shaped their style and manner of life, how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them. Topics will include history and politics, state and society, language, folk culture, literature and the arts. No prior knowledge of Finnish language is required, but you will learn new vocabulary along the module.