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SCAN7006 - Nordic Landscapes

Value: 0.5 course units
Ms Annika Lindskog
Teaching structure:
1 essay of 1,500 words (30%); 1 project of 3,000 words (70%).

Module Description:

What is a Nordic landscape? How have conceptions of landscape been perceived, represented, modified and moderated in the Nordic region? What is the function of landscape today, and how has the traditions of landscape and landscape perception influenced life in the Nordic region? This module takes as its starting point that any landscape never just is, but is continuously appropriated by inhabitants and observers though art, literature, film, and music, as well as through activities such as tourism and policy making. Looking at examples of landscape from historical through to urban landscapes and the built environment, from the romantic and national landscape through to today’s environmental and global awareness, and making use of a wide variety of possible texts – novels and poetry, tourist brochures and paintings, runestones and films, black metal and symphonic music, political speeches and travel diaries – the module aims to consider both the physical space and mental concepts of landscape in the Nordic region, tracing representations of and rhetoric around landscape across times and regions. We will work with both theoretical concepts used in landscape theory and cultural geography, and concrete and local examples through the written, visual, and aural texts, trying to gain an understanding of not only the different approaches to the Nordic landscapes that exist and have existed, but also how these evolved and what impact they have had and still have.

Preparatory Reading and Set Texts:

  • Andrews, Malcolm: Landscape and Western Art (1999)
  • Cosgrove, Denis & Daniels, Stephen (eds.): The Iconography of Landscape (1988)
  • Jones, Michael & Olwig, Kenneth : Nordic Landscapes (2008)
  • Mitchell, W.J.T. (ed.): Landscape & Power (1994)
  • Robertson, Ian & Richards, Penny: Studying Cultural Landscapes (2003)
  • Schama, Simon: Landscape and Memory (2005)
  • Wylie, John: Landscape (2006)

For further reading and week-by-week set reading, please refer to the module's moodle site.