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SCAN4006 - Advanced Project Work in Danish, Norwegian or Swedish

Value: 0.5 course units
Ms Annika Lindskog
Teaching structure: The module structure incorporates independent reading, one-to-one discussions with the tutor about the material and oral presentations with the whole class, written exercises in the form of the portfolio tasks, and a final essay at the end of the project. The final essay is expected to show substantial knowledge and understanding of the topic, as well as an advanced level of communicative and expressive language skills.
Assessment: portfolio work (100%).

Module Description:

The module aims to expand the vocabulary, oral skills and written skills of students who already have a high level of fluency and proficiency in their chosen language. It is designed to challenge all students at their individual level and give them the maximum opportunity to develop their own strengths within the framework of the module, while at the same time give the students the opportunity to undertake a longer and more in-depth study of a specific topic that relates to their main language.

The module comprises of individual language work on a topic set by the module tutor each year. The primary skills to be practised are reading, oral ability, and writing. The outcome of the module will be a portfolio of written work (3 pieces with a combined length of min.1500 words, and 1 longer piece of about 1500-2000 words) and one or more oral presentation/s throughout the module

Topics can include, but are not limited to, modern literature, current social issues, cultural reviews, or a philosophical or academic debate, and should be chosen with the abilities and talents of the class and the individual students in mind. As a guide, a minimum of the equivalent of five book-length texts should be read as basis for the project.