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SCAN4004 - Degree-level Modern Icelandic

Value: 1.0 course unit
Dr Helga Hlaðgerður Lúthersdóttir
Teaching structure:

Module Description:

Advanced study of the modern Icelandic language for students doing a BA degree in Icelandic who will have spent their third year in Iceland. The student will be instructed in the practical use of the language, as well as trained in a variety of registers. For this purpose, a variety of texts from a number of subject areas and time periods will be studied. Teaching will be conducted entirely in Icelandic, and the students will be required to submit written work on a regular basis as well as participate actively in class discussions.

Preparatory Reading and Set Texts:

  • Íslenska 1, kennslubók fyrir framhaldsskóla
  • Ásta Svavarsdóttir and Margrét Jónsdóttir, Íslenska fyrir útlendinga. Kennslubók í málfræði (1988 or later).
  • Ásta Svavarsdóttir, Æfingar með enskum glósum og leiðréttingalyklum við bókina ‘Íslenska fyrir útlendinga’ (1993 or later).
  • Selected novel (TBD)


  • ISLEX Orðabókin (
  • Íslensk-ensk ensk-íslensk vasaorðabók (Forlagið 2012)
  • Árni Böðvarsson, Íslensk orðabók handa skólum og almenningi (1988).
  • Jón Hilmar Jónsson, Orðastaður. Orðabók um íslenska málnotkun (1994).

Reference reading

  • Jón G Friðjónsson, Forsetningar í íslensku (1988).
  • Jón G Friðjónsson, Mergur málsins. Íslensk orðatiltæki, uppruni og notkun (1993).

Other texts will be announced in class.