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SCAN4002 - Advanced Swedish

Value: 0.5 course units
Ms Annika Lindskog
Teaching structure:
one unseen three-hour written examination (50%); one oral examination (30%); and coursework (20%).

Module Description:

Aim: To perfect language skills in spoken and written Swedish, building on previous experience.

Method: A lively approach to the language using all available methods and developing a range of skills: speaking, reading, comprehension, translation, essay writing, etc.

Classwork: discussion and talks by students on topics of current or perennial interest, translation with emphasis on register, grammatical analysis and advanced vocabulary work.

Private study: Apart from essays, translations and other preparations for class, the students are encouraged to take their own initiative in reading Swedish newspapers, magazines, listening to the Swedish radio and watching Swedish TV, visiting the Swedish Church, attending films and other cultural events.