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LCUL4001 - Dissertation in Language and Culture

Value: 1.0 course unit
Dr Federica Mazzara
Teaching structure: The dissertation takes the shape of independent research under the guidance of a supervisor. It is expected that the student and supervisor will meet 4 times over the course of the project to discuss its progress.
Assessment: One 10,000 words dissertation (100%).

Module Description:

The purpose of the dissertation is to provide students with the opportunity to pursue independent and in-depth research on a subject of choice. It allows students to specialize in an area according to individual prospective career paths or intellectual interests. The dissertation demonstrates a student’s ability to produce a substantial piece of written work, and enhances the skills required to do this: analysis and synthesis, clarity of thought, conciseness, organization and time management. The topic of the dissertation must fall within the discipline range of the BA Language and Culture. It may relate in general terms to the subject area of a module in the degree but it must not replicate work already done on a particular module(including Year-Abroad projects). The topic may be cross-disciplinary and/or multi-lingual in nature, or link two areas for comparison. The topic is subject to the approval of the Programme Convener who will also assist the student in finding an appropriate supervisor in one of the departments linked to the Programme. A dedicated Moodle site will be available for consultation, containing guidance and relevant general materials. 

The module aims:

  • To give students the opportunity to conduct an extensive, independent research project
  • To find a relevant supervisor for the proposed field of study
  • To get extensive experience with and improve a variety of research skills and methods using libraries, collections, digital and print sources
  • To plan and write a 10,000 word dissertation
  • To give students the opportunity to conduct a research project that will enhance their future employability and/or prepare them well for further studies.

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge of subject specific research and analytical skills and methods
  • Extensive and specialized understanding of an independently researched topic within the interdisciplinary and inter-lingual field of the BA programme in Language and Culture
  • Understanding of the importance of time-management and planning in relation to research and writing
  • Knowledge of appropriate presentation skills.