FREN4004 - Advanced Translation

Value: 0.5 course units
Professor Andrew Leak
Teaching structure:
one unseen three-hour written exam (100%). Satisfactory completion of the coursework is normally a prerequisite for examination entry.
Available to: This module is available to francophone Modern Language, Modern Language Plus and ESPS students who wish to take this instead of FREN4002 - French Oral (see note for FREN4002- French Oral).

Module Description:

This final-year module is compulsory for single-subject students and Erasmus students.  This module is concerned with the translation from French into English of literary texts, both in poetry and in prose. The aim is to provide students with the techniques required for this challenging form of translation and to give them the opportunity, on a weekly basis, to apply those techniques to a range of literary texts. To this end, students will make translations of prose passages and of short lyric and prose poems; they will also write extended ‘translation commentaries’ that focus on those aspects that were most problematic and/or interesting for the translator.