Final Year Modules



FREN4001 - Use of French

FREN4002 - French Oral

FREN4003 - French Essay

FREN4004 - Advanced Translation

FREN4102 - The 'Libertine' from Charles Sorel to Laclos

FREN4103 - The Haitian Novel, 1944-2004

FREN4105 - Dominating Texts

FREN4107 - Jean-Paul Sartre: Novels and other Writings

FREN4112 - Advanced French Politics

FREN4114 - Old Worlds, New Worlds: Humanism and Travel Writing

FREN4115 - Medieval French Literature

FREN4116 - Fictions of Grief

FREN4205 - Desire for Community: Literature as Anthropology

FREN4206 - Representations of the Algerian War

FREN4207 - Screen Cities: Representing the Margins of Paris, 1830-2005

FREN4209 - Cultures of AIDS in France: History, Policy and Representation

FREN4210 - Gender, Race and Sexuality

FREN4212 - Swiss Cinema

FREN4213 - Forms of Feeling

FREN4214 - Reading Tintin

FREN4302 - Histoire(s) du Cinéma



Scandinavian Studies

SCAN2004 - Intermediate Modern Icelandic

SCAN4001 - Advanced Danish

SCAN4002 - Advanced Swedish

SCAN4003 - Advanced Norwegian

SCAN4004 - Degree-level Modern Icelandic

SCAN4006 - Advanced Project Work in Danish, Norwegian or Swedish

SCAN4007 - Translation from the Scandinavian Languages

SCAN4201 - Dissertation in Scandinavian Studies

SCAN4202 - Modern Icelandic Literature: Special Topics

SCAN4203 - Nordic Literature in a Global World

SCAN4401 - Old Norse 2

SCAN4402 - The Vikings in Europe

SCAN7001 - Faroese 1

SCAN7006 - Nordic Landscapes

SCAN7203 - Extended Essay in Scandinavian Studies

SCAN7214 - Vikings and Valkyries in Contemporary Culture

SCAN4301 - Scandinavian Social Democracy

SEEF2001 - Finnish Language level 2A (comprehension)

SEEF2002 - Finnish Language level 2B (production)

SEEF2003 - Finland: Environment, Society and Culture

SEEF2009 - Reading Finnish Environment, Society and Culture

Spanish & Latin American Studies

Language and Culture