The Year Abroad

Walchensee Lake, Germany

All undergraduate SELCS students on a four-year degree, in any department, spend their Year 3 abroad.

The Year Abroad is an integral, compulsory element of our programmes which enables students to:
•    Learn substantial new academic and, in some cases, professional skills
•    Develop spoken and written language skills to a near-native level of proficiency
•    Gain in-depth knowledge of the culture they are studying
•    Enhance career prospects
•    Make new friends and contacts while learning

Year Abroad Options

Year Abroad Destinations

Contact and Support


Ms Ania Gasiorek

•  First point of contact for Year Abroad and administrative queries
•  Erasmus Learning / Training Agreements
•  Year Abroad Transcripts

Dr Tyler Fisher

•  Welfare and Academic queries (courses, credits, exams, supervision)
•  Work placement queries and applications

UCL Study Abroad Team

•  Insurance queries
•  Visa advice
•  Arrival & Departure
forms / Traineeship Certificates
•  Erasmus grants and Finance queries

Please note the UCL Support pages for emergency and out-of-hours assistance while you are abroad.

Programme Requirements

  • Students studying one language spend the whole year abroad in a country where the language is spoken.
  • Students studying two languages split the year abroad between two countries where their chosen languages are spoken.
  • Language and Culture BA and Comparative Literature BA students spend the full year in a country where the main language they’re studying is spoken.
  • ESPS students should consult the ESPS programme tutors and administrators about their Year Abroad arrangements.

Applications and Assessment

Please refer to the relevant section on Moodle for more information about the Year Abroad matters, application procedures and assessment.