SCANG001 - Advanced Scandinavian Translation (Scandinavian into English)

Value: 30 credits
Tutor: Various (for initial enquiries, please contact Dr Claire Thomson)
Teaching structure: 1 hour a week in 20 weeks (20 hours) over the whole year; 5 additional 1 hour seminars (schedule to be agreed between the students and the tutors at the beginning of term).
Prerequisites: A good reading knowledge of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Assessment: Unseen three-hour written examination: 1 (50%); coursework: 1 (50%)

Module Description:

The module aims to enhance and develop students' linguistics awareness and their competence in translating different types of text from the three mainland Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian (bokmål) and Swedish) into English.

Students will be attending the course SCAN4007 Translation from the Scandinavian Languages (1hx 20 weeks). The course comprises a practical and a theoretical component. The practical part involves translation exercises from mainland Scandinavian languages – Danish, Norwegian or Swedish – into English, covering a range of different texts and text types. The theoretical component considers broader intellectual aspects of translation. The course aims to develop expression and comprehension skills as well as vocational translation routines and an understanding of the translation process.

In addition to attending SCAN4007, MA students will receive 5 additional seminars. During these seminars students will deals with material of a higher level, covering additional issues in translation theory and a number of more challenging texts and translation tasks.

Preparatory Reading and Set Texts:

· Baker, Mona, In Other Words: A Coursebook of Translation. London & New York: Routledge, 2013.

· Bassnett, Susan, Translation Studies (3rd ed.), Routledge, 2002 (or later)

· Steiner, George, After Babel (2nd ed.), OUP, 1992

· Venuti, Lawrence (ed.), The Translation Studies Reader, Routledge, 2000