DUTCG201A - Making Modern Dutch Literature

Value: 15 credits
Professor Jane Fenoulhet
Teaching structure: The module covers three authors: Carry van Bruggen, Hugo Claus and Cees Nooteboom. We focus on major works, their contexts and critical reception. In addition we study the Dutch literary field and the position of the set authors in it. We look at canon formation, literary historiography and questions of interpretation, evaluation and reviewing.
Assessment: two assessed essays of 3,500 words, equally weighted.

Module Description:

At the end of the module you will have acquired insight into the work of major figures in modern Dutch literature; honed your analytical and interpretive skills on substantial works of fiction and criticism; developed an understanding of key issues in literary theory; improved your problem-solving as well as written and oral presentation skills.

Preparatory Reading and Set Texts:

The literary field

  • Bourdieu, Pierre. The Field of Cultural Production, 1993.
  • Boven, Erica van. Een hoofdstuk apart. Vrouwenromans in de literaire kritiek 1898-1930, 1992.
  • Dorleijn, Gillis & Kees van Rees (eds). De productie van literatuur: het literaire veld in Nederland 1800-2000, 2006.

Carry van Bruggen

  • Uit het leven van een denkende vrouw (1920)
  • Eva (1928)

Hugo Claus

  • De Oostakkerse gedichten (1955)
  • Het verdriet van België (1983)

Cees Nooteboom

  • Rituelen (1980)
  • Het volgende verhaal (1991)