DUTCG003 - Language and Literature of the Dutch Golden Age

Value: 30 credits
Tutor: Christine Sas
Teaching structure: This self-access module comprises a total of fifty modules., i.e. twenty general modules, followed by three sets of ten specialist modules on History, Art and Culture. The module comes complete with self-correcting exercises, revision tests and a glossary. It can be complemented with Virtual Dutch study packs, several of which cover Golden Age materials.
Weekly classes consist of working through individual units of the online module, reviewing homework and monitoring progress.
Assessment: two assessed 3 000 word essays

Module Description:

The module teaches reading skills in Early Modern Dutch. In addition it offers an introduction to the culture and literature of the Dutch Golden Age. The aim is to bring you up to scratch with reading printed Dutch texts from the sixteenth and primarily the seventeenth century. The initial threshold comprises the vocabulary and grammatical knowledge of Dutch in Three Months or an equivalent beginner’s module. The module material will be made available on-line.

At the end of the module you will be able to read a range of seventeenth-century primary texts in their original form; have acquired insight into the literature and culture of the Dutch Golden Age; and have honed your analytical and presentation skills.