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Postdoctoral Research

Together with the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), SELCS offers degrees that include the study of 20 languages (Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Faroese, Hungarian, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian/Croatian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian). SELCS’s research, including postgraduate research provision, and its teaching at all levels have a wide geographical, thematic and chronological spread. Geographically, its interests embrace Western Europe and regions in which languages originating in Western Europe are spoken, for example, Latin America, including the Caribbean, and Francophone North Africa. Thematically our interests embrace the history, intellectual history, literature, visual culture, film, politics and many other aspects of the cultures associated with the languages that it teaches. And chronologically, SELCS’s interests range from the Middle Ages to the present, with all periods well represented. All SELCS academic staff  were returned in the REF 2014.

SELCS and SSEES encourage interdisciplinary and cross-departmental research. The resources for research in the Bloomsbury area, where UCL is located, are internationally renowned.

Prospective applicants should contact a member of SELCS academic staff to discuss their proposed project and the possibility of applying through the School. The member of staff will, if both parties agree, act as the applicant's mentor. The contact details of SELCS academic staff and their research interests are available via the SELCS website.

SELCS currently (1 September, 2013) has five research fellows and one postdoctoral fellow.

The Leverhulme Trust Early Careers Fellowships 

 The School is inviting applications for the Leverhulme Trust's Early Careers Fellowships from outstanding scholars. 

Details of the Fellowships are available at:

SELCS Application procedure

Prospective applicants, advised by their mentor, must complete a PDF generated from the Leverhulme Trust's online application procedure and send it to the SELCS Director and SELCS Research Director by Friday, 17 January 2014. We shall not consider applications that arrive after this date. A SELCS panel will rank applications and forward them with its ranking to the Faculty by Friday, 31 January. The SELCS Research Director will notify successful candidates of the Faculty's decision in due course and instruct them to submit a fully costed application to the Leverhulme Trust. The Leverhulme deadline is 6 March, 2014.

Past Fellowships & Scholarships