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Dr Guillermo Laín Corona

Dr Guillermo Laín Corona (MA and Ph.D, University of Malaga, and MA and Ph.D, University College London) teaches Spanish language and literature. His field of expertise is Contemporary Spanish Literature, with a particular interest in 20th Century Spanish Prose Fiction. He studied the influence of the Modernist novelist Gabriel Miró (Alicante 1879 - Madrid 1930) in several Modernist writers, such as Benjamín Jarnés, as well as authors of the post-civil war period, including Camilo José Cela. He has published extensively in prestigious journals, such as Revista de Literatura or Revue Romane, as well as two books: Proyecciones de Gabriel Miró en la narrativa del 27 (Oxford: Peter Land, 2013) and Proyecciones de Gabriel Miró en la narrativa española de postguerra (Woodbridge: Tamesis, 2014). His latest book Retrato liberal de Gabriel Miró is expected for late 2014 or early 2015, published by Renacimiento.

In the long term, Dr Laín Corona has plans to study the influence of Liberalism in 20th Century Spanish Literature. In fact, he is already working on Francisco Umbral's political ideas, having published a few chapters in different books. Additionally, Dr Laín Corona has interests in Latin American Literature, and has already published articles on Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Vargas Llosa and Rosario Castellanos in renowned journals such as Bulletin of Hispanic Studies and Neophilologus.

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