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Management Team 

School Director (chair), Heads of Department and Director of the Centre for Translation Studies, Research Director, Undergraduate Tutor, Postgraduate Programmes Tutor, BA Language & Culture Convenor, BA Comparative Literature Convenor, School Manager, School Team Leader, School Year-Abroad Tutor, School Affiliates Tutor and School Admissions Tutor. The following attend meetings that include agenda items concerning their remit: the SELCS  ‘Green Champion’ Officer, SELCS Joint Faculty Library Committee representative, Equal Opportunity Liaison Officer (DEOLO), Careers Liaison Officer, Safety Officer, Departmental Safety Officers and Area Safety Representative. 

School Meeting

School Director (chair), all School academic staff, all teaching fellows and all administrative staff. PGTAs are welcome but are not required to attend.

Research Committee

School Director, School Research Director (chair), CMII Director, Vice-Dean of A&H Research, School Manager, School Postgraduate Officer, Heads of Department, Director of the Centre for Translation Studies, DC Team Leader, at least one other research-active member of staff from each Department and at least one research student representative from SELCS and one from CMII.

SELCS MA Teaching Committee

Postgraduate Programmes Tutor (chair), Postgraduate Officer, School Director, Heads of Department or a delegate, Director of the Centre for Early Modern Exchanges, School Manager, DC Team Leader, Writing Lab Supervisor and at least one postgraduate student representative.

SELCS Undergraduate Teaching Committee

School Undergraduate and Examinations Tutor (chair), School Manager, School Director, Heads of Department, Affiliates and ELCS Tutor, all interdepartmental degree convenors, Writing Lab Supervisor, Year-Abroad Tutor, Arts & Humanities Vice Dean for Education, Undergraduate Officer, DC Team Leader, Examinations Officer and at least one undergraduate student representative.

Staff-Student Consultative Committees

Undergraduate SSCC

School Undergraduate and Examinations Tutor (chair), School Director, Undergraduate Officer,Year Abroad Tutor, Affiliate Tutor, ELCS Tutor, student representatives. Among the student representatives should be at least one first-year student, one second-year student and one final-year student, at least one student from each of the six SELCS Departments, at least one from the BA in Language and Culture, at least one from the BA in Comparative Literature, at least one SELCS Society representative and at least one affiliate student.

Postgraduate Taught (MA) SSCC

Postgraduate Taught Programmes Tutor (chair), Postgraduate Officer, School Director, all six Heads of Department as language pathway convenors, Director of the Centre for Early Modern Exchanges, student representatives from the different pathways and one student representative from the Centre for Early Modern Exchanges. including, if possible, one overseas student and one part-time student.

Postgraduate Research SSCC

School Research Director (chair), School Director, School Postgraduate Officer, CMII Director, Convenors of the CMII MA programmes, Director of the Centre for Translation Studies and at least seven research student representatives, including at least one first-year student, one second-year student, one third-year student, one Continuing Research Student and, if possible, one part-time research student.

Progression meeting

SELCS UG Exams Tutor, UG Tutor and UG Officers, Heads of all six Departments and the BALC convenor, YA Tutor, Exams Officer, School Manager, DC Team Leader.

Departmental Pre-Board Meetings

The Head of Department, plus all teaching staff of each Department. The equivalent meeting for BALC should comprise the BALC convenor and at least three other members of staff who have contributed to the teaching of the degree that year.

SELCS UG Board of Examiners

SELCS Examinations Tutor; Director; Examinations Officer; SELCS Undergraduate Tutor; Undergraduate Officer; the Heads of all six Departments; the BA Language and Culture Convenor;  the BA Comparative Literature Convenor; the ELCS module portfolio Convenor; the Faculty observer; representatives from non-SELCS departments with whom SELCS runs combined degrees that are classifying students that year; and at least three External Examiners.

SELCS PG Board of Examiners

Postgraduate Taught Programmes Tutor (chair), at least two External Examiners from the language pathways, Faculty Observer, Postgraduate Officer, Examinations Officer, Heads of Departments as language pathway convenors or a delegate.


‘Tutor’ designates an academic member of staff; ‘officer’ an administrative member of staff.  

Scrutiny meetings are held at departmental level.

The dates of all meetings are posted on the Dates of meetings page.