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Health & Safety

The Heads of School departments, convenors of interdepartmental degrees and, for the School offices in 33-35 Torrington Place, the School Director are responsible for implementing UCL's policy for health and safety, including local fire safety, for staff and students. They are required to be familiar with the UCL documents on Management of Fire Safety.

The duties of Heads of Departments and the School Director include:

  • appointing a local Health and Safety Officer;
  • appointing a Fire Evacuation Marshall;
  • providing local fire safety briefings to undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at a suitable meeting at the start of each academic session;
  • keeping an up-to-date website page explaining local Health and Safety rules (e.g. location of emergency exits)
  • keeping a written record of the above activities.

The School Health & Safety officers are Laura Mason & Georgia Panteli.

Catherine Ballade is the local Health and Safety Officer and Fire Evacuation Marshall for the School Offices in 33-35 Torrington Place. The Departmental Coordinators of the six departments making up the School are the local Health & Safety and Fire Evacuation Marshalls for their departments.

Major Incident Plans (MIPs) 2015-16