Scholarships, Prizes & Funding


Carson Pratt Mature Student Scholarship (£800 each year)

This scholarship is open to mature undergraduate (those who were aged 21 or over when they first registered at UCL.) An award is made on the basis of need and dedication to learning. Preference may be given to applicants over the age of 35. Applicants should be going into year 2 or the final year in the session following their application.

L.M. Rothschild Scholarship in French (£500 each year)

This scholarship is awarded to finalists planning to undertake study at MA level, on the basis of academic merit. Applications should be sent to the Head of the French Department by mid-May. Candidates for an MA should include details of their academic record and the research work they intend to pursue (one page).


Eva Grunwald Memorial Prize (Book Prize - £30)

Criteria for eligibility: Most deserving undergraduate students in the College taking less than half of their programme in French – 1.5 course units (cu) or less in any one year, e.g. students doing: 

  • History with a European Language 
  • Language and Culture 
  • ESPS French minor or joint major 
  • or students from other departments at UCL

Violet Hall Prize – (Book Prize - approx. £50)

Criteria for eligibility: An undergraduate in the French Department.

Rosa Morison Prize (Sessional Prize - £30 each)

The number of prizes depends on the number of undergraduate students with the department for the academic session. Criteria for eligibility: Year One or Year Two students – for work for the session considered of good Honours standard.

Further Funding & Scholarships Information (SELCS)

Funding information can also be found on the following pages: