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Italian Departmental Research Seminars


All seminars are held on Wednesdays from 5.30pm in the Italian Seminar Room, Room 351,
Third Floor, Foster Court, Malet Place, UCL, Gower Street, London, WC1E
6BT (unless otherwise stated). View map (PDF)

Programme - Spring Term 2018

17 January Leyla Livraghi (University of Pisa)

Why Arethusa? Dante's rewriting of the Ovidian Myths in Inferno 24-25
24 January Book launch and discussion:

Francesco Cassata (University of Genova)
Fantascienza? Science Fiction? Lezione Primo Levi (Einaudi 2016)
Respondents: Pierpaolo Antonello (Cambridge) and Robert Gordon (Cambridge)
Chair: Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti

Event organized in collaboration with the IHR Modern Italian History seminar.

5.30pm - IHR (Senate House), Wolfson room B01
31 January Matthew Leigh (Oxford)

Goldoni, the Masons, and the Mysteries
21 February Edoardo Barsotti (Fordham University)

Race and Risorgimento. An unexplored chapter.
This seminar will be held at 3.30pm
7 March Book launch and discussion:

Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti (UCL)
Making Italian Jews. Family, Gender, Religion and the Nation 1861-1918 (Palgrave 2017)
Discussants: Michael Berkowitz (UCL) and Elena Bacchin (Queen Mary)
Chair: Nico Pizzolato

Event organized in collaboration with the IHR Modern Italian History seminar

5.30pm - IHR (Senate House), Past & Present room

Programme - Autumn Term 2017

18 January

Maurizio Ferraris

Learning from Post-Truth

6.30 pm - Garwood Lecture Theatre, Room 9, First Floor, South Wing, UCL, Gower Street

 19 October

Massimo Fusillo 

Negative Empathy, Fear, Catharsis: An Intermedial Itinerary

5.30pm - Foster Court 307

 1 November

Marco Pescetelli         

Filologia e restauro dei silent film

10 November
Re-reading Dante's Vita Nova
2pm - Institute for Advanced Studies Common Ground, Wilkins Building South Wing
 15 November

Silvia Costantino, Severino Antonelli, Claudia Durastanti      

The Florentine Magazine: exploring contemporary Italian writers

 22 November

David Lines               

Teaching Language(s) at the University of Bologna in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: Practices and Debates

 6 December

Alessandro Baronciani

Comics, Sirens and Self-Production

Programme - Autumn Term 2016

19 Oct Emanuela Patti (Birmingham)
Pasolini after Dante. The 'Divine Mimesis' and the Politics of Representation
26 Oct Alessio Assonitis (Medici Archive Project)
The Medici and their Archive: Diplomacy, News, and Maerial Culture
2 Nov Claudia Tardelli Terry (Cambridge)
"La bella figlia": Marginal Note on Paradiso 27.137
19 Nov Maria Novella Mercuri (UCL)
Florence in contemporary Italian crime and detective fiction
23 Nov David Lines (Warwick)
The University in Society: Ulisse Aldrovandi
30 Nov Luca Degl'Innocenti (Leeds)
Ariosto and the Cantimpanca
7 Dec Laura Refe (Ca' Foscari)
Petrarch and Posterity: Fragments of a Letter

Spring Term 2017

1 Febr Daniela La Penna (Reading)
Alberto Carocci: from 'Solaria' to 'Nuovi Argomenti'
8 Febr Maria Urban (Amsterdam)
Narrare la Resistenza: finzione (meta)storica ed epica collettiva nel romanzo contemporaneo
22 Febr Barbara Meazzi (Nice)
La Guerra di Spagna vista dall'Italia: Curzio Malaparte, Leonardo Sciascia, Teresa Noce
1 March Ruth Ben-Ghiat (NYU)
Prisoners of War: Italian Captives of the Germans, British, and French, 1940-1948
5.30 pm IHR, Past & Present Room N202, 2nd floor, North block, Senate House
Chair: Beatrice Sica (UCL)
8 March Alessandro Scafi (Warburg)
The Design of the Euro and the Issue of a Common European Culture
15 March Book launch
Robert Gordon (Cambridge) and Pierpaolo Antonello (Cambridge)
with the author:
Francesco Cassata (University of Genova)
Fantascienza? Lezione Primo Levi, Einaudi 2016
Chair: Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti (UCL)
5.30 pm IHR, Past & Present Room N202, 2nd floor, North block, Senate House

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