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PORTICO Module Registration

To register your modules on PORTICO, you must have opened your UCL computer account. 

The UCL page Select Modules explains how register your courses on PORTICO. School modules are listed on the School (not department) websites.



Postgraduate (Taught)

If you need assistance, go to the Old Refectory, where there will be someone to help you; or contact the PORTICO helpdesk by telephone or email.

The contact details are on the PORTICO services webpage, in the left-hand column: PORTICO helpdesk.

You should check the day and time of optional courses to ensure that they do not conflict with required courses or other optional courses. You can see a consolidated timetable for each year of each UCL department's course offerings.

Go to the UCL online timetable, known as the Common Timetable, click on 'Department', enter the Department's name and your year of study, and press 'Select'. You will be directed to a page with the timetable for all courses for the Department and year that you chose on the previous page.

Once you have registered your courses on PORTICO, you will be able to check your personal timetable by clicking on 'Personal' on the Common Timetable. You will not be able to see your personal timetable until you have registered your courses.