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  • One-to-one tutorials return after Reading Week until the end of Term 2. Walk in or book via the SELCS Writing Lab Moodle.
  • One special week of tutorials available 13-17 January 2014. Bring in your Term 1 feedback for discussion with the Lab tutors! Details and booking on our Moodle.
  • One-to-one tutorials running Monday to Friday until the end of term 1. Walk-in hours from 12-1 and 5-6 each day. Half-hour appointments between 1 and 5 can be booked via the SELCS Writing Lab Moodle.
  • The SELCS Writing Lab ran workshops for new undergraduates in SELCS on 'How to Write a University Essay' during Induction Week.
  • The SELCS Writing Lab will be available to affiliate students in A&H, S&HS and SSEES in 2013-14.
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Dorothy Parker (Associated Press, 1941)

The SELCS Writing Lab tutors run a series of group workshops which have been devised in response to the issues that come up most frequently in one-to-one tutorials. In 2013-14, five additional topics are covered in addition to those from previous years:

  • Planning and Structuring an Essay
  • Making a (Thesis) Statement: Essay Questions and Argumentation
  • Research for Academic Writing: Making the Most of Research Materials in Essays (NEW)
  • From the Beginning till the Very End: Writing Introductions & Conclusions (NEW)
  • Word Choices: Exploring Academic Language (NEW)
  • Quote/Unquote: When, How and Why to Cite Others in Your Essays
  • Precise, Concise & Varied: Polishing Your Writing
  • Demystifying Citation and Referencing
  • Polished to Perfection: Editing, Copyediting & Proofreading (NEW)
  • Self-Assessment: Learning from Marking Criteria and Feedback (NEW)

For further information and booking, see the SELCS Writing Lab Moodle.