UCL Security Science Doctoral Research Training Centre



Research areas: radar systems and signal processing, including bistatic and netted radar; multifunction phased array radar; waveform design; synthetic aperture radar; non-co-operative target recognition; sonar signal processing; and synthetic aperture sonar.

Potential supervisors

Prof Paul Brennan
Professor of Microwave Electronics, Dept of Electronic & Electrical Eng
Dr Kevin Chetty
Senior Lecturer, Dept of Security and Crime Science
Prof Hugh Griffiths
Thales UK/Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair of Radio Frequency Sensor Systems, Dept of Electronic & Electrical Eng
Prof Karl Woodbridge
Professor of Electronic Engineering, Dept of Electronic & Electrical Eng

PhD Projects

Landmine, IED, UXO Detection using Ground Penetrating Radar from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Amin Amiri