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Spring school

4 April 2012

The Security Science Spring School will be a one-day taster course held on 4 April 2012 from 9.30am to 6pm. It is for students interested in going on to do PhD research in the security or crime domain. It is held at University College London (London campus) and is aimed at second and third year undergraduates, and current Masters students, from UCL and other universities. Preferably you will be interested in going on to do PhD research in the security or crime domain at some stage.

Students must be registered in a scientific department: for example archaeology, chemistry, (civil, environmental, electronic, mechanical) engineering, psychology, linguistics or geography.

The Security Science Spring School will allow students to:

  • Gain an understanding of 'security science'
  • Carry out a 'taster' multidisciplinary research project
  • Develop presentation and team-working skills
  • Network with students and academics from the security field
  • Familiarise themselves with UCL's security research environment
  • Make better informed career choices
  • A certificate will be awarded to those who complete

This year the Spring School will focus on two projects, in which students will participate:

(i) PAMELA experiment - This experiment observes crowding in micro-level urban environments, in this case at bus stops. Various parameters associated with self-organization behaviour in crowded groups will be measured with state-of-the-art engineering tools; positional data will be collected with a wireless motion tracking system, gaze allocation using an eye-tracker, and anxiety using a wristband recording galvanic skin response (GSR). Students will have the opportunity to use this equipment and contribute towards a project aimed at mapping crowd behaviour in crime-related situations.

(ii) Museum experiment -The aim of the project is to assess the security system of a local Museum in order to mitigate the risk of an explosive attack. Assessing the risk involves evaluating the probabilities and consequences of different possible scenarios. Data need to be collected to determine these probabilities and consequences.


9.30        Welcome with tea, coffee and biscuits
9.45        Introduction to Crime Science
10.10      UCL SECReT – UCL’s Security Science Doctoral Training Centre
10.30      Guest seminar by security practitioner from industry
12.00      Lunch
12.30      Leave for Tuffnell Park campus or Museum
1.00pm   Mini-research project: PAMELA experiment or Museum experiment
2.30pm   Break
3.00pm   Mini-research project: PAMELA experiment or Museum experiment
4.00pm   Return to UCL
4.30pm   Final round-up and Certificates presentation
5.15pm   Drinks, snacks and cake & meet current SECReT students
6.00pm   END


Application deadline 23 March 2012- APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED

To apply you must complete a short application form. We are looking for bright students with a good academic record and a genuine interest in the field and in eventually going on to do a PhD.

Click here to link to the Spring School application form.


  • Dates: 4 April, 9.30am to 6pm
  • Costs: The Spring School is free for those selected to attend.
  • Food and accommodation: Lunch is provided, but breakfast and evening meals will be at the student's own expense. For those traveling from reasonable distance outside of London we will provide up to £100 towards travel and accommodation.

Click here for the 2010 Spring School report.