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Students Ostend trip

In the very first week of their four-year programme, SECReT students are invited to attend a security research conference together. The aim of this activity is to help students to get to know each other and to discover each other’s research interests thus laying the foundation for future group-work and interdisciplinary thinking. The trip is led by a member of UCL SECReT’s management team. At the heart of the SECReT programme is the notion that students working in cohorts will enjoy a more effective doctoral training experience and produce much higher quality research thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of their environment. The conference also introduces students to a range of security and crime research and allows them to begin making connections that may prove invaluable later in their PhDs.

Previous conferences:

  • UCL SECReT induction trip to the 4th European Security Research Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden
  • UCL SECReT induction trip to the 5th European Security Research Conference held in Ostend, Belgium
  • UCL SECReT induction trip to the 6th European Security Research Conference held in Warsaw, Poland

“The induction conference was a terrific way to begin my time as a PhD student at SECReT. Our whole group was taken to Ostend in Belgium, and by the end of the four-day trip I had already made friends with the other members of the cohort as well as finding out about their research interests. I also enjoyed the conference itself, learning a lot about the security research landscape across Europe, and making connections that will become valuable later in my PhD. I can’t think of any other PhD programme that could have offered me such a brilliant experience!”
Amin Amiri, SECReT student