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Nabanita Basu

PREVIOUS DEGREES : B-Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, M. Sc. in Advanced Computer Science from University of Manchester

MRes TITLE:  MRes in Security sciences

PREVIOUS JOBS : I  had worked for Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd. for around 6 months before coming to UK

I'M ORIGINALLY FROM...  I am originally from Kolkata,  India.

WHY I APPLIED TO THE SECURITY SCIENCE DTC :  I am interested in Forensic Science. I wanted to do interdisciplinary work in Forensic Science and Machine Learning. This particular programme I felt was ideal  for me .

RESEARCH INTERESTS : I intend to build a tool that can predict the different bloodpatterns obtained from a crime scene using machine learning concepts . I also aim to work on 3D reconstruction of crime scene from evidences obtained from the Crime Scene

WHAT I DO WHEN I'M NOT STUDYING : When I am not studying I prefer reading story books, learning new languages but sadly most of the time I end up sleeping for really long hours !

MY CAREER ASPIRATIONS : In near future ,I aspire to work as a blood pattern analyst. 

WHAT KIND OF PARTNER ORGANISATION I'D LIKE TO WORK WITH AND WHAT I'D LIKE FROM THEM : Ideally, I would like to work with an organisation that specialises in crime scene reconstruction using Blood Pattern Analysis  and other forensic evidences.  In general, I am comfortable working with any organisation that deals with crime scene investigation . I just want loads of opportunity to learn about crime scene evidences.

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS : None , as of yet