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Alex Gibberd



Statistical change point detection of internet traffic

Previous Degree

MPhys Astrophysics (2:1 St-Andrews)


Scotland...near Edinburgh


  • Statistics - non-stationary processes(time series), dynamic graphical models, anomaly/change point detection


  • Director at Social Enterprise ShareSci CIC developing a public science communication website.
  • Worked for a bit at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre on the JWST/MIRI project, mainly instrumentation testing.
  • Some research on epilepsy prediction at Oxford


J.D.B Nelson and A. Gibberd, "Introducing the Dual-tree Complex Wavelet Locally Stationary Model", IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2016

A. Gibberd and J. Nelson, "Regularised Estimation of 2D-Locally Stationary Wavelet Processes", IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing (IEEE-SSP), 2016

A. Gibberd and J. Nelson, "Estimating Dynamic Graphical Models from Multivariate Time-series data: Recent Methods and Results", Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence (LNAI), 2016

A. Gibberd and J. Nelson, "Regularized Estimation of Piecewise Constant Gaussian Graphical Models: The Group-Fused Graphical Lasso", http://arxiv.org/abs/1512.06171, in review

A. Gibberd and J. Nelson, "Estimating Multi-Resolution Dependency Graphs within a Locally Stationary Wavelet Framework", IEEE Global Conference on Signal Processing & Information Processing (GlobalSIP), 2015

A. Gibberd and J. Nelson, "Sparsity in the Multivariate Wavelet Framework: A Comparative Study Using Epileptic Electroencephalography Data", IET Intelligent Signal Processing (IET-ISP), 2015

A. Gibberd and J. Nelson, "Group-fused Graphical Lasso for Changepoint Estimation in Multivariate Time-series", IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing, 2014

A. Gibberd and J. Nelson, "High Dimensional Changepoint Detection with a Dynamic Graphical Lasso", IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2014



IEEE Global Conference on Signal & Information Processing - Orlando, USA
NIPS Modelling and Inference for Dynamics on Complex Interaction Networks Workshop - Montreal, Canada
IET Intelligent Signal Processing Conference - London, UK
Defence Doctoral Symposium - Cranfield, UK
UCL PhD Student Conference - London, UK
Maritime Freedom of Manoeuvre Academic Session
ECML Advanced Analytics and Learning for Temporal Data Workshop - Porto, Portugal
Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition - UCL, UK
RSS Annual Conference - Exeter, UK
Research Students Conference - Leeds, UK
Young Statisticians Meeting (YSM2015) - Cardiff, UK
International Crime Science Conference, Data-Science for Security and Intelligence - London, UK
Dynamic Networks in Cyber-Security Workshop - Bristol, UK


10th International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing (IMA) - Birmingham, UK
International Conference for Acoustics & Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2014 - Florence, Italy
AISTATS 2014 - Rekyavik, Iceland
Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS)


Large Scale Online Learning and Decision Making Workshop (LSOLDM 2013)
Young Statisticians Meeting(YSM 2013)
Dstl Big Data Workshop
Imperial College, Big Data Industry and Academia meeting
Recent advances on the changepoint problem
Dstl national PhD conference
Data Analysis for Cyber Security


alexander (d) gibberd (d) 12 (at) ucl (d) ac (d) uk

(d=., at =@)