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2012 cohort

Nabanita BASU: 3D reconstruction of crime scene from blood spatter using machine learning concepts

Ingolf BECKER: Human usable computer security

Cristina BORDA FORTUNY: Optimization of the reconfigurable antenna design parameters for wireless communications at different frequency bands.

Kelly CHESHIRE: Using analytical chemistry techniques to give a more discriminant analysis of soils

Helen EARWAKER: Latent fingermark development techniques

Gwyn EVANS: Carbon Nanomaterials for Explosive Detection

Sally GAMBLE: Forensic Science

Alex GIBBERD: Statistical signal processing and machine learning for network traffic anomaly detection

Alistair LEAK: Data mining to understand international dimensions to online identity.

Sherry NAKHAEIZADEH: Expert evidence and bias.

David PUGH: Materials chemistry

Michaela REGAN:The Use of Gunshot Residue as an Item of Trace Evidence

Thomas ROGERS: Autodetection of threats in transit: making x-ray scanners intelligent

Kirstie SCOTT: Spatio-temporal distribution of trace geological evidence in forensic investigation

Miranda SIMON: Modeling influence and risk attitudes in migration decisions using actor-based, longitudinal networks

Paula TARTTELIN HERNANDEZ: Assessing the potential of metal oxide semiconductors for illicit drug detection

Ziyu WANG: Statistical anomaly detection in video analytics for security.

Veronika YORDANOVA: Data Communication for Underwater Sensor Networks