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  • Matthew ASHBY: Policing, crime and intelligence analysis, crime prevention and implementation issues in new policing or crime-prevention technologies.
  • Nicholas CALVERT: Radiation Imaging, Detection and Modelling
  • Pyrros CHAIDOS: Interested in e-Voting, Cryptography and Computer Security.
  • Kate GIBSON: Policing; Organised Crime; Firearms; Evaluation, Qualitative Research and Literature Review Methodology.  
  • William MAYOR: Computer Science background, interested in data security and distributed systems   
  • Georgia MCCULLOCH: Forensic Science, Analytical Chemistry, Geochemisty, Method development and validation.    
  • Rosemary PENNY: Interested in how to model social systems mathematically, and how behaviours propagate through social networks.
  • William PEVELER:  Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Chemical Sensing, Energetic Materials  
  • Reka SOLYMOSI: Interests: Interactions between the built environment and pro social and anti social behaviour.  
  • Kartikeya TRIPATHI: Rail Infrastructure security in emerging markets, Ways and means to make transport hubs resilient to terrorist attacks