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Changwang Zhang

Changwang Zhang image

Research interests
Epidemic spreading phenomena that widely exist in nature and society including the spreading of infectious disease, computer worms, information etc.


Zhang C, Zhou S, Groppelli E, Pellegrino P, Williams I, Borrow P, et al. Hybrid Spreading Mechanisms and T Cell Activation Shape the Dynamics of HIV-1 Infection. PLoS Comput Biol. 2015 Apr 2;11(4):e1004179. [WEB|PDF]

Zhang C, Cai Z, Chen W, Luo X, Yin J. Flow level detection and filtering of low-rate DDoS. Computer Networks. 2012 Oct 15;56(15):3417–31. [WEB|PDF]

Zhang C, Yin J, Cai Z, Chen W. RRED: robust RED algorithm to counter low-rate denial-of-service attacks. IEEE Communications Letters. 2010 May;14(5):489–91.[WEB|PDF]

Zhang C, Yin J, Cai Z. RSFB: a Resilient Stochastic Fair Blue algorithm against spoofing DDoS attacks. International Symposium on Communications and Information Technology. 2009. p. 1566–7. [WEB|PDF]

Liu X, Yin J, Zhu E, Zhan Y, Li M, Zhang C. A Max-Margin Learning Algorithm with Additional Features. In: Deng X, Hopcroft JE, Xue J, editors. Frontiers in Algorithmics. Springer Berlin Heidelberg; 2009. p. 196–206. [WEB|PDF]

Media coverage

Our research has got lots of media attention. Here just name a few:
Guardian: HIV spreads like computer worms, say scientists.
Daily Mail: HIV spreads like a computer worm: Researchers find virus mimics an online infection - and warn early detection is key.
Times of India: HIV spreads like 'computer worms'.
Science Daily: HIV spreads like internet malware and should be treated earlier.
Medical Daily: HIV, Like Internet Malware, Spreads Through The Body Using A Two-Pronged Method Of Attack.
International Business Times UK: HIV: Early treatment crucial as virus uses double entry mode.

Research Homepage: http://sites.google.com/site/cwzhangres/

Chinese Homepage:http://blog.sciencenet.cn/u/mleoking

MedRotation - Rotate foreign medical students to U.S. :http://www.medrotation.com