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A relevance study determining the use of GSR upon clothing and shoes as an item of evidence

22 March 2013

Michaela Regan

There is currently significant debate within the field of Forensics Science concerning the weight of scientific evidence. However, to increase the evidentiary value of such samples, there needs to be empirical experimental data to provide a knowledge base for the collection, analysis and interpretation of such evidence in a forensic setting. This is extremely important for items such as trace evidence (in particular for gunshot residue (GSR)). GSR has shown to be an ambiguous evidentiary item as little is known about the manner in which it redistributes and is reincorporated on particular items after initial transfer. This study therefore aims to address this, and undertake experimental studies to provide an empirically derived knowledge base to increase the understanding of the dynamics of GSR evidence and thereby provide a means to enhance its evidentiary value.