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Increasing Efficiency of Security Procedures to Detect Explosives on Metro Rail Networks through Analysis of Human Errors

25 March 2013

Kartikeya Triapathi

The researcher is working in collaboration with RATP Veolia, and Reliance India Limited who will operate the first Metro Rail line in Mumbai, India. The research project will focus on modelling human errors that creep into security procedures in place at metro rail networks, often due to time, and revenue considerations. Explosives pose a major threat to metro rail projects across the world, and by modelling errors that undermine the efficacy of security procedures to detect them, the research will contribute in making such infrastructure systems safer against terrorist threats. Lessons will be drawn from medical science, and aviation industry – both of which have a rich research background – in modelling errors in complex procedures. Transferable solutions from these domains will contribute to understanding, and mitigating fallibility in detecting explosives on rail networks that are used by millions of passengers each year.