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Understanding the traffic-driven epidemic spreading in scale-free networks

7 March 2012

Changwang Zhang

This research is being funded by the China Scholarship Council.  Epidemic Spreading is a common threat to both human (e.g. disease propagation) and techinical (e.g. computer-virus spreading on the Internet) networks. The introduction of Complex Network theory enable us to model and analyse the Epidemic Spreading as a dynamical process on an abstract network - scale-free network. The scale-free network is proven to be able to properly describe various natural and artificial networks, ranging from human migration networks to computer networks.

Most existing works on Epidemic Spreading focus on analysing the affection of network topology on epidemics. However, it is not only the topology but also the traffic-flow conditions that affect the spreading process of an epidemic on an network. We aim to study the interplay between the traffic dynamics and epidemic spreading on a scale-free network in the PhD project.