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Published: Feb 23, 2017 8:36:00 AM

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A feasibility study of the use of ground penetrating radar and metal oxide semiconductor sensors on a mobile platform for security applications

22 February 2012

Amin Amiri

The thesis addresses the topic of close in mobile sensors for contactless, non-destructive measurements in different media for wide range of applications. The conceptual and analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Sensor considers the principal factors affecting the system design for security applications including landmine detection. 

The aim is to explore the technical options available for designing a novel system for detection and classification of landmines under different environments where they are likely to be found. The detection of landmines that are buried under layers of sand or foliage is an on-going problem. Since different environmental conditions have the main effects on the operating antenna of the GPR system, the work aims to explore a novel, multi band reconfigurable, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna design. 

The operating frequency of 0.5- 4.4 GHz is chosen for lower and upper frequency limit to investigate the scope of the wide band operation of the antenna and its capability to operate in different environments. This is due to high attenuation and complexity of earth materials where both low and high frequencies are needed to achieve reasonable signal penetration (40cm under surface), range resolution (6cm) and low attenuation (below 40dBm) under one functional system. Rectangular and Circular spiral antennas were investigated and results have been discussed. 

To address the issues raised by the diverse nature of the subject, the work is divided into several broadly defined but interrelated areas. These chapters include the increasing need for rapid and accurate sensing, and its specific algorithms and techniques.