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Forensic Genomics Summer School

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A quick guide to... PORTICO

Log in to PORTICO here

What is PORTICO?
PORTICO is the student records database. All staff and students can look at this (although with varying levels of access). It is the record of your student status and which examinations or assignments you have taken.

What’s on there?
You can access the database to view:

  • Your contact details
  • The list of modules that you have chosen to take in the current academic year
  • Modules previously taken (with assessment results once the exam boards have confirmed them)

How often should I access it?
There are a number of key periods at which you should access it:

  • Any time you want to change your contact details
  • When you want to review and check which modules you are registered for
  • When you want to see which (if any) modules you need to retake

How important is this?
Extremely. It’s not unusual for students to make mistakes when registering for modules and the department is not able to make sure that you have got everything correct.

If you don’t get it right you may not be able to complete the course, or you may be overcharged on your course fees. It is therefore sensible to periodically check PORTICO and make sure you are registered for all the modules you want to be registered, and not registered for any you didn’t think you signed up to!

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