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Terrorism & Organised Crime


The purpose of this group is to investigate how the transfer of knowledge and methods from crime prevention, detection and disruption can inform counter-terrorism research and practice.

The group's work has covered topics ranging from the causes of radicalisation and terrorism to the predictive mapping of IED attacks in Iraq, to Indian police perspectives on countering Naxal terrorism, perceptions of radicalisation in UK communities, security system engineering design in service of resilient infrastructures and building security, and the unintended consequences of counter-terrorism measures on UK public transport.

The group's members have worked on projects funded by the Ministry of Defence Science and Technology Counter-Terrorism Centre, Home Office OSCT, the European Union's FP7 Framework, the Leverhulme Trust, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), UCL Research Challenges, and the Metropolitan Police Service.

Members also act as consultants for international, national and local government on projects which have included identifying crime databases to test social network analysis software, designing an executive guide for US Police Chiefs on terrorism prevention, and investigating the perceptions of Muslim communities in London boroughs.  

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