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Please take the links to discover information about research and consultancies undertaken at the Department of Security and Crime Science and information on procedures for applying to undertake PhD research at the Institute.

The Department is organised into five centres of excellence – Geographical Analysis, the Designing Out Crime Group, the Crime Policy and Evaluation Group, Terrorism and Organised Crime and Forensic Sciences. Staff work within and across these groups and across UCL and the wider research community, including active international collaborations.

The vast majority of the Department's research involves end users directly – generally the police, crime analysts, other crime prevention practitioners and government departments. Between 2001 and 2007 the Department (formerly the JDI) was awarded over £3 million in research/consultancy funding. Most of this funding has been awarded by government departments, reflecting the Departments interest in policy development. Recently the Department of Security and Crime Science has been awarded significant research council grants and grants have also been received from the EU, UK industry and UK charities.

Geographical Analysis

Designing Out Crime Group

Crime Policy and Evaluation Group

Terrorism and Organised Crime

Forensic Sciences

Departmental staff are available for consultancy contracts which can be arranged through UCL Consultants.

We have experience of working with a range of clients including private sector companies, local, regional and central government and police and other law enforcement agencies both in the UK and abroad.

Contracts range from short term advice to more extensive and longer term projects leading to policy advice or the development and implementation of local crime reduction schemes. All Departmental staff are available for initial discussions about your needs - please feel free to call.

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