Nordic Encyclopaedia

The Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Nordic Culture will offer a comprehensive guide to the recent culture, history, society and politics of the entire Nordic region.  The encyclopaedia will include over 1000 entries, ranging from short 150 'stubs' to longer overviews, on Nordic 'culture' understood in its broadest sense, including not only film, literature, music, art, architecture and design, but also history, politics, society and everyday life.  Chronologically the encyclopaedia will cover the period since 1945, but the emphasis will be on more recent years.  The Encyclopaedia will include information on all five Nordic countries.   It is intended to be an essential resource for all those interested in studying, teaching or simply finding out more about the Nordic region; reliable for fact-checking and a first source for further exploration of particular topics.  The Encyclopaedia will be published in book form first, but it is hoped that it will be also possible to publish it in an interactive electronic format in due course.

The Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Nordic Culture has been a long time in the making.  The project was first launched in 2002, but has been postponed by a long series of unavoidable delays.  A grant from Nordisk Kulturfond means that it is now possible to revive this project, and we hope very soon to sign a contract with a London-based publisher.  We would like to thank all who have contributed so far for your patience, and look forward to involving new contributors as the encyclopaedia is prepared for publication by 2012 at the latest.

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