Reta Lila Weston Institute

Karen Shaw

Karen Shaw, RMN
Nurse Specialist in Movement Disorder Research

Joined the RLWI as a research/brain donation nurse in December 2000, working on all aspects of brain donation and clinical research. As the brain donation nurse, Karen has many years experience of talking to healthcare professionals, and the public, about the benefits and importance of brain donation. Her role in the brain bank is to ensure that the rationale for donation is fully understood by patients and families during life, and that the pathological diagnosis and research findings are sensitively related to the family when requested. As part of this, she has established an ethically approved protocol for requesting and consenting for brain donation. Karen is interested in cultural and societal perceptions of the brain, and is carrying out research into the significance of the brain; exploring the beliefs and attitudes of donor relatives to brain donation.  
Tel:   +44-20-7679 4022 (Internal: 24022)
Fax:   +44-20-7278 4993

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