Northern Thailand rice systems & weeds survey, Nov. 2011

Northern Thailand rice systems & weeds survey, Nov. 2011

Thailand Karen swidden rice

This steep slope is a rice crop field, in a swidden (slash-and-burn) system, as praticed in Northern Thailand, amongst the Karen people.

Thailand Karen harvested rice

Is, who worked with us as a interpretor, holding harvested upland rainfed rice.

Threshing rice by hand lashing.

Thailand Karen rice processing

Large-scale rice processing: Threshing and winnowing.

Thailand rice winnowing

Winnowing rice husk off of daily0dehusking of rice. Husk by-products are immediately consumed by family pig.

Thailand Karen swidden field weed survey

Project team members, surveying weed flora in swidden field. Cristina Castillo (left), Is (right).

North Thailand swidden rice with rice mother Amaranthus

Rice swidden field of the Karen plant. Red-flowered Amaranthus in the foreground is regarded as the "mother of the rice".

N Thailand working the rice

Karen farmer, with pack full of harvesting and processing tools, heading out to harvest.

Northern Thailand rice weeds team

Left to tight: Cristina Castillo, wife and farmer Mili (with son) , Alison Weisskopf, at local accomodation.

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