Laos upland rice weeds survey, Nov. 2011

Photos below by Alison Weisskopf.

Laos upland rice field

Upland rice field in Laos. Cucurbit crop in foreground.

Laos rice harvest

 Harvesting upland rice by hand-stripping.

Laos dibble stick

Lao farmer with dibble-stick, used for planting upland rice.

Laos rice processing

Threshing dried rice sheaves.

Laos crop processing 2

Rice processing: winnowing by fanning.

Laos rice dehusking machine

Mechanized dehusking by a food peddle, dehusking machine.

Laos hand mortar

Traditional manual dehusking, using a wooden mortar and pestle.

Laos rice weeds team

The Early Rice Project survey team in Laos (L to R): Alison Weisskopf, 'Tito' (NAFRI, the National Agricultural Dept. of Laos), Chaki Muto (rice geneticist and ethnobotanist, from Kyoto, Japan), (local farmer)

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