UoA21: Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics at UCL has enhanced a thriving research environment since the last RAE. The 21 staff have authored 317 refereed publications in the period and have been investigators on grant income totalling £26.9m (some of this income being joint with, or held by, other departments and institutions). The number of PhD students has risen from 9 in 2001 to 23 in 2007 with 22 PhD degrees being awarded in the period.

The recruitment of high-calibre staff at both professorial and lecturer level has initiated new research areas. These include the new medical modelling group (MMG) involving several UCL departments and London hospitals co-led by Ovenden (italics indicate an Early-Career Researcher), non-Newtonian fluid dynamics and polymer processing (Wilson), climate dynamics (Davey), computational fluid dynamics with applications to industry, biology and environmental flows (Vanden-Broeck), inverse problems and their application to industry and medical imaging (Kurylev), mathematical biology (Page) and mathematics applied to industry through the appointment of a Royal Society Industry Fellow (Curtis).

In addition to these new areas, traditionally strong research in fluid dynamics and environmental flows continue to flourish. One indication of this is the significant increase in the number of PhD students in the environmental flows group alone (from 2 in Jan 2001 to 10 in Oct 2007) as a result of increased NERC grant success and through CASE awards with the Met. Office.

UCL is a world-class multi-faculty university in which applied mathematicians take full advantage of the many opportunities for interdisciplinary research. Such collaborations include the Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology (CoMPLEX) (Seymour, Baigent, Page, Smith, Ovenden), the £10m IRC on Medical Imaging and Signals funded by EPSRC and MRC (Baigent), and Seymour's executive role in the ERSC Centre for Economic Learning and Social Evolution (ELSE) which involves mathematicians, economists and psychologists.

In 2006 Smith was appointed director of the Lighthill Institute of Mathematical Sciences (LIMS), a coordinating centre for the many research groups and non-academic bodies in the affiliated universities (UCL, QMUL, City, LSE, The Institute of Education) that work broadly in mathematical sciences. LIMS has established a group of mathematicians, statisticians and interdisciplinary researchers who interact through seminars, workshops and joint research programmes e.g. 2-day workshop Multi-scaled modelling in defence and its spin-offs (May 2007). LIMS will also become the focus for the London Taught Course Centre (LTCC), with Smith its director, for PhD students in mathematics which is funded by the EPSRC 2007-2011.

International interaction is a high priority and is realised through visitors, international conference participation, membership of international advisory boards, societies and committees (e.g. Davey: World Climate Research Programme, Hofbauer: Game Theory Society, Seymour: World Bank's Coral Reef Research Programme) and involvement in editorial work for international journals (e.g. Kurylev, Smith, Vanden-Broeck, Bishop). Many of the staff have held visiting positions at other institutions e.g. Johnson (Woods Hole, Monash), McDonald (Western Australia), Wilson (Boulder), Smith and Ovenden (Arizona State), Esler (Columbia), Vanden-Broeck (Baruch College, New York), Kurylev (Penn State, Berkeley).

Applied Mathematics is arranged into 4 research groups with members (category A unless stated otherwise) listed below. While staff have been nominated in one group only, it is typical for research interests to span across these groups leading to much interaction between them.

A. Cross-Disciplinary B. Fluid Dynamics C. Environmental Flows D. Industry-Oriented
Prof RM Seymour Dr RI Bowles Prof ER Johnson Prof FT Smith
Dr KM Jansons Dr SN Timoshin Prof NR McDonald Dr NC Ovenden
Dr SA Baigent Dr HJ Wilson Prof MK Davey Dr J Curtis(C)
Dr K Page Prof J Vanden-Broeck Dr G Esler Prof SR Bishop
Prof Y Kurylev Prof MA Berger(B)    
Dr C Boehmer      
Prof J Hofbauer(B)      
Prof J McGlade(B)      

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