UoA 11: UCL Nursing

This is the first submission by University College London (UCL) to the nursing and midwifery unit of assessment. Its purpose is to establish the quality credentials of UCL research that relates to nursing and midwifery and which underpins the recent development of the new flagship nurse-led centre for Patient Care Research and Innovation (PCRI). UCL and its NHS partners now comprise one of the largest biomedical research campuses in Europe. Within this structure there are at present four full-time academic nurse scientists and three affiliated nursing and allied health researchers. Their outputs, grants and indicators of esteem featured in this submission demonstrate a strong track record of high quality original research that has significantly contributed, nationally and internationally, to knowledge, practice and health policy affecting adults and children.

University context: The UCL School of Medical and Life Sciences (SMLS) consists of two divisions, the Faculty of Life Sciences (FLS) and the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences (FBS), which includes five recently incorporated research institutes, of which four were separately submitted to RAE 2001. The FBS comprises 13 thematically-based research divisions, which are aligned, where appropriate, with partner NHS Trusts. This submission benefits from and contributes to the interdisciplinary and collaborative environment under the SMLS.  The Comprehensive and Specialist Biomedical Research Centre status awarded in 2007 by the NIHR to UCL/University College London Hospital (UCLH) and to UCL Institute of Child Health/Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), respectively, now enables UCL and its partners to provide new resources to build on the present foundation of nursing scholarship and to ensure sustainability of a new leading-edge research centre. Accordingly, during 2006-07, the PCRI was formed to bring together academic nursing research across UCL.

PCRI sits within UCL’s FBS and multidisciplinary research groupings at the ICH, Institute for Women’s Health and Division of Population Health. Staff hold joint appointments with NHS partners (e.g., UCLH, GOSH, Camden Primary Care Trust, North Central London Research Network). These collaborations provide unparalleled access to clinical research facilities, equipment and expertise. PCRI research focuses on the experience of individuals in health and illness across the lifespan, leading investigation on symptom management, health-related quality of life (HRQL) and the role of caregivers (self, family, and professionals) in health promotion and disease management. We provide research training and career development for nurses and allied health professionals. Future plans for the Centre are to build on existing expertise and resources within UCL and lead internationally excellent patient care research in collaboration with researchers from other clinical disciplines and basic sciences and, with NHS partners, to achieve more rapid translation of clinical research into innovations in patient care delivery.

With over 150 data-based publications and 15 research reviews during 2001-07, our research has made significant contributions to patient care knowledge, practice and health policy for two main population groupings: (1) children, young people and their parents; and (2) adults with cancer, genitourinary conditions and nicotine dependence. Our research emphasises the importance of the dual perspective of service users and service providers and has focused on two main themes: (1) assessment of symptoms and outcomes; and (2) understanding and improving patient care services.

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