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Catching the first light from a gravitational wave event

Light and gravitational waves produced by the same event – a pair of neutron stars exploding – have been detected for the first time by a huge international collaboration involving UCL researchers. More...

Published: Oct 16, 2017 3:02:17 PM


'Cats-and-Dogs' test to predict dementia among Parkinson’s patients

UCL researchers have developed a quick and simple test to predict which people with early-stage Parkinson’s disease are likely to develop dementia. More...

Published: Oct 16, 2017 2:49:03 PM


Ground-floor insulation can reduce floor heat loss by up to 92 per cent

Adding insulation to suspended timber ground floors commonly found in homes built before the Second World War can reduce heat-loss by up to 92 per cent, according to research from UCL and the University of Sheffield.  More...

Published: Oct 12, 2017 12:35:04 PM

Ellie Cosgrave

Dr Ellie Cosgrave to host new BBC podcast ‘Tomorrow’s World’

Dr Ellie Cosgrave from UCL’s Department of Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy (STEaPP) is co-presenting the BBC’s new ‘Tomorrow’s World’ podcast. More...

Published: Oct 9, 2017 9:57:59 AM


Major rethink needed on stem cells and regenerative medicine

UCL researchers are leading a call for a coordinated strategy to reform the management of scientific discoveries and clinical experimentation involving stem cells and regenerative medicine. More...

Published: Oct 5, 2017 9:29:21 AM

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